Thursday, April 23, 2015

Updating My Bedroom Art

Five years ago I made a little gallery wall in my bedroom using art from a calendar.  I have loved the prints but have been itching to change things up.  I searched and searched for a new calendar to pull prints from but couldn't find anything! 

So I decided to rethink the calendar idea and instead look for reasonably priced art prints.  

I found Driftwood Interiors and immediately fell in love with the graphic watercolors.  She was a gem to work with.  She is also offering all of us a discount code! Scroll to the bottom of the post to see what it is! 

I had picked these frames up for like $9 a piece so I decided to just keep them.  I just spray painted the mats all white.  

I mean you can't go wrong with blue coral right?!

They also really pull the blue in from the other side of the room.

  To get 25% all orders at Driftwood Interiors use code DRIFTWOODINTERIORS25

The code will be available for two weeks through midnight on May 8th. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ORC- Week 4 Choosing Art

I'm back to talk about choosing art for Jane's room!

One of the biggest problems with Jane's room is the tiny size.  I couldn't fit a twin bed so I decided to go with a toddler bed:

I love the Jenny Lind toddler bed from Land of Nod.  I decided to push it against the far wall where the crib used to be.  One thing I started to worry about was that it would feel really low.  A bed is usually a great place to draw the eye to in a space.  You pile it with pretty pillows and put some art above it and bam you have a statement! I started to worry that this smaller bed would get lost in the room.  So I tried to think of ways to make it feel higher and bigger.  One idea I've had is to push it against the wall and a put the pillows against the wall to make it feel like a daybed.  I also want to put a BIG piece of art above it so that it will draw your eye up.  

I went though multiple ideas. 

I finally decided on the "Hello Cocky" print from minted in the 44 x 60 size. I liked how the coral balanced out all the teal.   I picked it up from the framer this week! 

Jett named him "clucky".

I also picked out some other prints for other walls in the room.

Stay tuned each week as I transform her room! Here are all the participants so you can follow along with everyone:

Trademarked by Calling it Home

Art contributed by Minted.  All opinions are my own.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Riverside Home - Office Reveal

Yesterday I shared the design process for our Riverside House home office.

As a reminder here is where the room started..

After painting the built-ins, changing out the light and adding new furniture here is where we are now!

Interested in hiring us to help with your next design project or remodel? 

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